Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Get your Windows 8 apps noticed


AppSwitch is designed to help people find Apple iOS and Google Android apps on Windows Phone and Windows 8. AppSwitch allows users to search the Windows Store first to see if the app they’re looking for is available under the same name. If the app isn’t available then the user can search for the app (by platform) and AppSwitch will display suitable replacement apps.










When deciding which app to download, the user doesn’t have to switch to the Windows Store as AppSwitch displays the app description, screenshots, reviews etc.

How it works:

  • Developers list their app on along with an app on iOS or Android that they think their app is similar to
  • They add credit to the match - $10 free per match (as many matches as they like)
  • The match is verified as a good match and then displayed in the relevant version of AppSwitch
  • Credit is deducted from the match every time the app is downloaded
  • No downloads = no credit deducted
  • Once created, anybody can top up a match, allowing an easy way for users to support the developer of an app (without PayPal charges!)

AppSwitch helps users coming from iOS and Android devices find replacement apps on Windows Phone and Windows 8. Everybody who uses AppSwitch is actively looking to download apps making it a great place to get apps noticed.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Steve Ballmer & UK developers talk beautiful apps on @Windows8

A bunch of developers and designers got up close and personal with Steve Ballmer (yep, Steve Ballmer!) earlier this month at Modern Jago, Microsoft’s new collaboration space in Shoreditch, East London. The event showcased some of the best examples of the Windows 8 design and user interface, aka “…the most personal experience ever…a UI that’s live with the activity that people care about” and the opportunity that “the single biggest operating system platform in the world” that’s available to devs and designers with Windows 8.

We filmed the whole shebang which also includes interviews with Johnny Westlake who built Music Info, Agris Belte and Glen Flexman who created the British Airways Inspiration app, Janksy creator AJ Grand-Scrutton and Cameron Fisher who published AppSwitch. If you’re ready to jump into Windows 8 design and development too then head over to for all the resources under the sun. Have fun!  


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Skills in Demand for Mobile development languages & Platforms covering iPhone, Android, Blackberry & Windows8

Why we believe these skill sets are demand

ABI research says that developers and other stakeholders generated $8.5 revenue from mobile apps last year are predicted to exceed $46m by 2016.

Google mobile business set for $8b this year, up from $2.5b the previous year.

Facebook, Google, and anybody else involved in advertising have their best brains working on how to monetise mobile, through apps.

Mobile payments & NFC offerings will face stiff competition from mobile payments apps which will mean the desire to develop these new apps instead of large scale wallets will be larger in the coming years

Mobile apps will expand past phones and tablets through to games consoles, TV's & even cars.

The MAIN downside to mobile and app development is that it involves a large investment in devices and testing because there are SO many different platforms, operating systems and types of hardware to test.

There are also issues with Android around scalability, and also the early OS version on Android devices was very clunky and updating to the latest version can take months to update the devices and applications. You need Windows Phone 7/8 and or a laptop that runs Windows RT and Windows 8 in order to develop the apps.

What rates to expect in the next 12 months?
£300-£500+ per day which is wildly variable because it will depend on your seniority / depth of experience. To get the highest daily rates you will need to demonstrate you have developed a hit app.

iPhone and Android command the highest rates at the moment but we believe Windows 8 developer rates will catch these up very soon (especially with the release of the Surface and Windows 8 phones a few weeks ago)

A lot of work in the mobile space is based on fixed priced projects which can mean these rates are significantly more (if you finish ahead of time) or less (if you overrun or you don't understand the brief fully)

We have contractors working on varying rates due to contract length, seniority, skills and number of hours expected

Jobs advertised

The number of iPhone & Android jobs is up on last year but still not at particularly high levels compared to the other technologies in the development world. This in my view is because a large majority of these roles are filled by recommendation and not through agencies.

iPhone developers are the MOST in demand in the UK at the moment, but with China demand seeing Android at 90% of the market share this may well change.

Blackberry and Windows8 jobs advertised are very low. Blackberry app development roles are at an all-time low and Windows 8 will increase dramatically in the near future with the recent release of Windows 8, The Surface and the new Windows8 compatible phones.

What skills should you be obtaining in order to get the best possible rates?

iPhone & Android command the highest rates but you MUST demonstrate a strong portfolio of apps either in the retail, spread betting or high transactional financial applications command the best rates and are MOST in demand.

Windows8 will be the rising star we believe, especially with the release of the Surface a few weeks ago.

Blackberry jobs advertised and requirements is at an all-time low

It seems developers are not interested in developing mobile apps with HTML5 although we are starting to see strong demand for this combination of skills.

Combined with strong HTML5 mobile app developers will achieve the best rates and will be in the highest demand.

Hope this was of use to you.

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