Thursday, 16 May 2013

Microsoft brings Surface Pro tablet to the UK


Microsoft revealed that it will bring the Surface Pro tablet to the UK by the end of May.


Microsoft's Surface Pro eschews the ARM processor and the stripped down Windows RT operating system in favour of an Intel chip and full blown Windows 8. The firm said that it will bring the Windows 8 tablet to the UK and other major European markets such as France and Germany by the end of May.

Microsoft added that its consumer Windows RT tablet, which has received mixed reviews and has not been the sales success that some rival tablet makers feared, will be released in Malaysia, Mexico, Korea and Thailand over the next two months. The firm said that means the Surface RT will be on sale in 29 countries, though given it has been on sale in key markets such as the UK and US for some time now, it is unlikely to result in a sales spike for the firm.

However Microsoft's big hope is the Surface Pro tablet aimed at its core business customers that want to run the full-fledged Windows 8 operating system on a tablet. The firm claimed that it has been having trouble keeping the 128GB Surface Pro tablet in stock.

Brian Hall, GM of Microsoft Surface said, "One of our biggest challenges has been keeping our 128GB Surface Pro in stock. We've worked hard to increase availability, and most retail partners in the US and Canada as well as the Microsoft Store now have the 128GB product consistently in stock."

He added that before the company makes products available in markets it needs to ensure that its retail channel has enough devices to meet demand.

Microsoft didn't reveal what its Surface Pro tablet will cost in the UK when it goes on sale next month.

Source: Microsoft

Friday, 10 May 2013

eSynergy Solutions Limited awarded supplier status on the new government G-Cloud iii initiative

DfT Id templates

eSynergy Solutions is a recognised supplier to the Government Procurement Service.

Cloud computing has brought about a step change in the economics and sustainability of the IT industry and the UK Government is committed to the adoption of cloud computing and delivering computing resources. 

The G-Cloud is an iterative programme of work to achieve this which will deliver fundamental changes in the way the public sector procures and operates ICT.

eSynergy Solutions works with industry leading companies to implement Cloud and Big Data technical solutions and services in the UK and across Europe.

We are proud to be recognised for our services in the Cloud and look forward to joining this innovative Government Procurement Service.


We will be a supplier of consulting & skills services on Cloud and Big Data technologies for G-Cloud iii

Friday, 3 May 2013

IT Project’s


This is so true


eSynergy Solutions DevOps Conference



eSynergy Solutions are pleased to announce our next Contractor & Community event for clients and contractors which is ALL about DevOps.

This event is held on a bi-annual basis and is exclusively for the eSynergy community. It is intended to help those who have a keen interest in DevOps.

The event will be held on Tuesday 21st May between 6pm-9pm at the Minster Exchange (near Bank).

We have some fantastic speakers lined up from the Chef, Puppet & Devops world; who will be talking about their experience with DevOps, followed by some drinks and nibbles.

Presentations from: 

Paul Swartout, Independent Consultant

Author of "Continuous Delivery and DevOps: A Quickstart Guide" will give a talk entitled "DevOps - what is it and why is it valuable?"

This talk will provide you with a brief introduction to DevOps, the history and principles behind it, some insights into how to adopt and implement a successful DevOps culture and what business benefits this can bring.

Dave Sayers, Technical Services Director Midvision

“Applying DevOps principles in established corporate organisations". Much of DevOps theory has come from tech firms that have had to out-innovate their competition to survive - but the DNA of these firms are radically different from many large corporate organisations.

This talk provides an overview of how DevOps principles are being applied in more traditional established organisations.

Andy Hawkins, Technical Director Opscode

Will be speaking about 'Enabling DevOps through next generation Configuration Management.

Keiran Sweet,  Linux Administrator

Whose talk will be "Bringing order to chaos with Puppet" and his experiences using the Puppet configuration management platform.

Please RSVP through the Event Brite link below to secure your place.

We look forward to seeing you there!