Thursday, 26 March 2015

Data Science & Big Data Analytics New Budget Season 2015

With the economy slowly improving, IT leaders are more optimistic that the corporate purse string will loosen up in 2015, and they’re eager to bring new technologies into the world in addition to just keeping the lights on. Computerworlds annual forecast survey of IT executives shows that budgets are indeed continuing to make a nice recovery. Some 43% of the 194 respondents said that they expect their IT budgets to increase. That’s up from 36% in last year’s study.

This year’s average anticipated up is 13.1%, and overall, the expected changes in IT budgets reported by all respondents average out to 4.3 %. IT is expected to gain kick up spending on security tools, Customer-facing technologies and information exchange/collaboration technologies that comprise the so called SMAC stack – social and mobile tools, analytics systems and cloud computing.
The one trend that we can expect is not only the amount of data increasing, but also a great boost in the market, which will flaunt the solutions for Data Science & Big Data Analytics. Data Science & Big Data Analytics is expected to follow in the footsteps of cloud computing because, just as cloud computing has become conventional, it is expected that Data Science & Big Data Analytics will also become mainstream. However, the basic question that arises is usually centered on how long it will take for solutions to become practical as well as sustainable for traditional firms.
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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Data Scientist - Statistics,Machine learning,modelling,Python,SAS,R,Matlab,Data mining,SQL Job in Central London, London UK

Data Scientist - Statistics,Machine learning,modelling,Python,SAS,R,Matlab,Data mining,SQL Job in Central London, London UK

Senior Data Scientist: Statistics, Machine learning, Predictive modelling, Python, SAS, R, SPSS, Matlab, Data mining & SQL

Senior Data Scientist
wanted to work for a leading consultancy in London.​ The Senior Data
Scientist will have advanced, deep and wide knowledge of data analytics –
statistics, machine learning, predictive modelling, heuristic methods,
data mining, etc.​ with experience across many applications.​ You must
have experience in programming with any of the major statistical or
analytical packages such as Python, SAS, R, SPSS & Matlab.​

Senior Data Scientist will lead the development and delivery of high
quality data analytics that form part of consultative offerings,
products and business strategy.​ Lead and undertake business analysis
related to data analytics.​ You will relate statistical and other
analytical results to real world problems and explain the results to
non-technical clients and colleagues and be independent, proactive,
creative and inventive to solve problems to enhance and develop existing
and new analytics related products and services.​

This is a
Hands on role for a Senior Data Scientist and you will use SQL
programming and/​or statistical packages for the delivery and execution
of standard analytics services efficiently and consistently.​

Key Skills:

  • Statistics
  • Machine learning
  • Predictive modelling
  • Python, SAS, R, SPSS & Matlab
  • Data mining
  • SQL

the Senior Data Scientist you will have the ability to pick up new
technologies and willing to push boundaries and develop new products and
technology and is not fazed by challenges such as messy, dirty, free
form data; new markets, new technology; change, being an agent of

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